Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Units 15 and 16: Not Gratifying

this is the "nice" piece of furniture I saw from a distance before bidding on the first unit. Turns out it was nice once, just not now
I brought masks for all of us. There was evidence of pigeons and rats in the building.

The stuff in the first unit was so junky, this is what we left behind. We decided fairly quickly that the quality of the items was so poor that we'd forfeit our security deposit as it would be cheaper to do that then spend the gas, transfer station costs and labor costs to dispose of everything.
The front of the second unit. Curiously, the recliner you can see on top of the dresser wasn't there when we bid on it. And, there was a console tv in the front (just past the blue desk) that was new as well. We wonder what of value was taken.
I've been through most of these boxes (12 so far) and have only saved a jeans jacket. The rest was either trashed, recycled or set aside to donate.

Here's that "nice" piece. It'll take a lot of work to get into sellable condition. Or maybe we'll dump it for really low dollars and someone else can fix it up.
The one thing we've found so far that I actually like. An occasional table carved with a chain saw. I think it's very cool, but then we used to have a chainsaw sculpture in our front yard until it rotted out. Unfortunately, this one has a big crack down one side, but that's not too obvious since the table base is so busy.

* * * * *

As I wrote a few posts ago, we bought 2 units in a furniture warehouse and had to wait 10 days to get access to the freight elevator so we could clean them out. We figured we had an unbelievable amount of stuff to remove from the 2 units so rented a 25' truck from U Haul. A much smaller truck would have been adequate as we found very little to take away. Lots of stuff was covered with pigeon poop, so that was left behind. Much of the furniture was just junk so we left that behind. Once I realized how bad the stuff was, I started opening boxes to give them a quick review before anyone removed anything. Most of the boxes' contents were so junky that we left them behind.

At this point, I'm looking at these two units, and the costs to remove them, as a loss. If we recover half of the total cost, I'll be ecstatic. Oh well.


  1. Is that an old treadle sewing machine, upside-down in front of the blue recliner in the photo of the second unit? I've always wanted one of those! (Although I can't think why, except that they look so cool, since my sewing/quilting days are long past and I really really really don't need any more stuff.) Even if all I can do is look at the picture, I can still fantasize about where I'd put it in my house. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm sorry the rest of the stuff turned out to be such a disappointment after it looked so promising.

  2. Zoomer - thanks for your note. And, you're dead right, that is an upside down treadle machine table. No machine in that one. The table it's sitting on, though, is a treadle table with a machine inside, from 1920. Apparently, the market's not so hot right now for the more common machines so i've got them listed on Craigslist for low $$. Got a nibble on the table with machine, here's hoping it pans out.

    - Cranky

  3. Hey Cranky - We have the treadle base on a table in the basement, where we eat our crabs.

  4. Andy - sorry to be so tardy in responding. That's exactly what I thought the treadle table without the machine could be used for. No takers on Craigslist, though.

    - Cranky