Saturday, July 16, 2011

Unit 14 Finds

The boxes in this unit just keep on going. I'm not through everything, but have found quite a bit of interesting stuff. Below are some shots  ...

The beer bottles go on and on. There are at least 8 boxes of them left that I haven't had a chance to go through yet.

What is a tractor with a lug?

Lots of this china pattern, most in good condition. Perfect for eBay.

To the left, a 1960ish amplifier, complete with tubes. To the right, an antique miniature printing press (the type box obscures most of the press).

Some of these actually are worth selling on eBay. Who knew?

1890s seed catalogs in very nice shape. There are a lot of old books that still need to be reviewed. I keep putting that off.

Girl Scout stuff.

I'd hoped I'd find a good cone top beer can. Finally did this morning.

Booklets from skating shows in the 80s

Bottle openers. A box of bottle openers!

Apparently, Poland Spring used to make Gin. I have 5 Poland Spring Gin bottles and 5 "moses" bottles that Poland Spring bottled their water in.

A 1930s baseball glove. Probably the most valuable individual item in the lot. A collection of swizzle sticks below. Who collects swizzle sticks?

A 45 RPM tribute to JFK and a cardboard record from the Monkees found in 60s cereal boxes. Guess which is worth more?
There're also paintings, milk glass, McDonald's and Burger King collectible glasses, antique lace, commemorative pennants. And stuff still yet to be discovered.


  1. SCORE! Very cool stuff, if you like that kind of thing. And somebody will!

  2. Zoomer - you are so right. I've put some stuff in our booth I have at a group shop (someday I'll write about that). Just shipped off 50-year old stereo components to your neck of the woods. Have a bunch of auctions up on eBay. Have two train sets, the printing press, antique/vintage curling irons, and 2 lots of beer bottles package up to take to an auction on Friday. It's all slowly but surely moving out of here.

    - Cranky

  3. I could swear I left a comment here already so it either disappeared or has not made it through.

    Cool stuff!! Oh yeah tractors used to have steel bands on the wheels. Later on the steel bands with steel lugs were replaced with rubber lugs - bands with the tread.