Sunday, April 3, 2011

Unit 4: Very Interesting!

Our 4th unit was purchased at a storage place only 8 minutes from my house. That's fortunate, because it contained a lot of stuff that needed to be brought home for sorting, including the false breasts shown above.

When we went to the auction, we found out there was only 1 unit available. When the door was opened, it looked good. I could see a bedroom set in good shape, including 2 dressers and 2 bedside tables. We could see sporting equipment and lots of tubs containing goods.

We took the unit for $375. I had figured the furniture we could see would cover the cost of the unit and the remainder of the goods would be profit. As it turns out, the bedroom set actually was in good shape and, combined with a recliner we found, we will more than cover the cost of the unit if it all sells at the consignment shop we took it to.

My brother and his friend were at the unit loading the first trailer full of stuff when I received a text, "he was a drag queen." All in all in the unit, we found two sets of false breasts, 9 wigs, 3 makeup cases, 2 pairs of thigh-high boots, about a dozen high heeled shoes (actually, maybe more), corsets and other undergarments, and all manner of spangly and slinky outfits. Since they're used, at first I didn't think they had any value. But, the more that we thought about it, there's so much stuff here, we could probably pick up some money selling it off in lots. They're going up on eBay over the next week.

This was a good unit ... clean and well-packed. We should realize a decent profit from the furniture, clothes, drag queen items and so on that we found. It was good to have this under our belts after the horror of unit 2.


  1. LOL I followed you from your old blog and I am LOVING your new enterprise!!

  2. Yes, this one has a history all right. What category are you going to use on E-Bay for the drag outfits?

    You might break even on your whole enterprise with this one! Wouldn't that be nice?

  3. Barrie - welcome! Glad you're enjoying my spelunking stories.

    Webster - I realized I can't list the items yet without a little hand washing of some items, so I'm not sure where they'll end up. I hope we get a good amount out of the items. This unit is definitely shaping up as a great one - clean, lots of saleable items. Yay!

  4. Oh I love this unit, heheheh.... ebay has a "x-rated section", did you know that? Believe it or not you can even sell USED (and unwashed ick, ick, ick) underwear there. ICK....

  5. You've seen the movie "Kinky Boots", right?

  6. Sherry - I didn't know that about eBay. Perhaps we shouldn't have tossed out all the gay male porno we found in that site!

    Zoomer - I looked up Kinky Boots on Wikipedia (I hadn't even heard of it, let alone seen it). Sounds pretty funny!

  7. Not sure what I'd DO with those two, er, items, but made my boring morning to look at them!

  8. Diane - it gave us a little thrill to find them too!