Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our First Unit Purchase

A few days after our first auction, we planned a visit to 3 auctions all close to one another. The middle auction was cancelled as everyone had paid their back rent. The first auction was in Chelmsford, an exurb with a relatively high median income (I hope this would make for good quality goods). The storage place was very well set up. The first unit was a large one outside, in the pouring rain. We looked it over and I liked it. Not too much stuff left, primarily some good looking furniture that I figured we could take to the consignment shop. We took it with a $250 bid. The third and fourth units were interesting but they ended up going for more than we were prepared to pay.

RC and his friend BW (who now comes to all the auctions with us and without whom we'd be screwed because he's strong, industrious and good-natured) cleaned out the unit the next morning and took the furniture over to the consignment shop. If all the items sell, our 50% take will more than equal our investment in the unit. That's lucky because there won't be much to make from the remaining stuff.

All in all, the unit should yield a small profit and took very little time and effort to clean out and dispose of the stuff. We were pleased.

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